What is EOS®?

The Beauty in EOS

Medical imaging technology helps doctors all over the world on a daily basis. High image quality gives them a clear view of your anatomy and helps them to make life-altering medical decisions regarding your treatment plans. Unfortunately, many imaging devices expose patients to high levels of radiation. With EOS, your dose of radiation will be As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA).

Physicians select the correct imaging technology based on several factors including the anatomy of interest: muscles, bones, joints, organs, etc. The EOS and the EOSedge systems are advanced orthopedic imaging systems that are used throughout the continuum of care for skeletal conditions, particularly for your spine, hips and knees.

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You may be asked to have an EOS exam to diagnose your condition, to plan your treatment (including surgical planning if necessary), to monitor your condition or as a post-operative follow-up.

Both the EOSedge and EOS systems allows your physician to obtain two, life-size, full body images (frontal and lateral) of your skeleton in a standing position. If doctors only need to evaluate one part of your body, the systems can also scan a specific anatomical region.

Using the 2 full-body images, EOS software enables a radiology technician to create a 3D model of your skeleton. From there, doctors can use measurements and data from your 3D model to make clinical decisions and plan personalized treatments for your condition.*


*additional imaging technology can be used to improve diagnosis and patient care.
Caution: US Federal law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician

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