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Dear Visitors,

I am pleased to welcome you to our  website. EOS imaging has grown over the years from an innovative orthopedic imaging system to an entire platform of solutions that connect imaging to care. Please take a moment to discover how we are assisting orthopedic care with solutions ranging from 2D/3D imaging to online 3D surgical planning.

The growing adoption of EOS® as a standard of care has allowed our Group to continue its rapid expansion in all the markets we serve, particularly in North America, our leading market. In 2018, EOS generated €35.4 million in sales.

We are proud to have the human, technological and financial resources to sustain the rapid growth of our business, further develop our product platform and continue to improve our financial profile. 

Mike Lobinsky


Review the webcast with financial analysts following Q2 2019 Press Release: https://channel.royalcast.com/webcast/eos/20190716_1/