The sterEOS workstation is dedicated to analyzing frontal and lateral EOS images which are captured simultaneously and registered to generate precise, patient-specific, 3D models of the spine and/or lower limbs from weight-bearing, low dose or Micro Dose EOS exams. Once the models are generated, over 100 clinical parameters6 are automatically calculated.

The 3D models and accurate 3D measurements are free from the biases associated with manual measurements and the magnification effects on 2D images. They enable well-informed clinical decisions across the spectrum of care from diagnosis to surgical planning, post-operative control to follow up. Customizable DICOM patient reports are automatically generated. They can be shared with the medical team and used to engage the patient in the treatment plan.

sterEOS 3D
  • Visualize and understand the position, rotation and orientation of the bones in 3D and within the global skeletal system from a weight-bearing position

  • Improve diagnosis and clinical research capabilities with over 100+ automatically calculated,  accurate 2D and 3D measurements6 that are free from bias and taken in a functional position 

  • Perform a post-operative assessment of a total hip replacement through a dedicated and precise workflow that automatically calculates the position of the prosthetic components 

  • Visualize 3D models and calculate 2D/3D clinical parameters even from pediatric Micro Dose exams and seated exams with the EOS Radiolucent Chair

3D Spine
  • Simple, straightforward 3D workflows dedicated to postural assessment, spine, lower limbs and Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA)

  • Powerful patient database with user access management for online and off-line retrieval by referring physicians

  • Seamless push/pull on PACS and webPACS of images, patient reports and 3D models 

  • Direct link to the online EOS 3DServices and to the EOSapps, 3D surgical planning solutions 

  • stereoVIEW, 2D/3D viewer to share models and data with your refering physicians

  • 3D model to engage with patients and explain their diagnosis and treatment options

  • Customized patient reports displaying accurate 3D parameters, shared with medical team and patient

If you are part of the radiology department,  click here to request stereoVIEW for you and your referring physicians.

If you are a referring physician, please contact your EOS imaging center to request access.

Caution : US Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician

Please read carefully the labeling provided with the device

EOSapps are not commercially available in all countries. Please check with your local EOS imaging representative for availability in your region.