The EOS system provides low dose, full body, stereo-radiographic images of your patient in a functional position. The EOS system is designed around a vertically traveling arm supporting two image acquisition systems mounted at right angles. Each acquisition system is composed of an X-ray tube and a linear detector.

This unique biplanar design and linear, vertical scanning technique acquires frontal and lateral images of your patient simultaneously in either a standing or seated position with the EOS Radiolucent Chair.




  • Comprehend compensation mechanisms between the spine, hip and knee thanks to full body, weight-bearing images

  • Calculate precise 2D and 3D measurements, free from magnification and stitching bias

  • Improved diagnostics due to high image quality and over 65,000 grey levels for excellent contrast 

  • Patient’s radiation dose decreased by 50% compared to a DR system1 and 85% compared to a CR system2

  • Substitution of specific CT exams with an EOS exam to reduce the patient’s radiation dose by 95%3

  • Micro Dose protocol for a full spine exam (frontal and lateral) at a dose that’s equivalent to only a week’s worth of natural radiation4

  • Capture frontal and lateral, full body images in less than 20 seconds for adults and 15 seconds for children

  • Complete an exam in under 4 minutes, even for complex spine or full body1

  • Maximize patient throughput with up to 100 complex exams per day9

  • Facilitate the process to image disabled patients with the EOS Radiolucent Chair

Please read carefully the labeling provided with the device.

Caution : US Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician